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Shaper, maker, modeller, gamer - that's who I am. This website shows you mainly photos of my gaming terrains and handicraft, as well as some tutorials, printable paper terrains, gm tools and various other materials. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Modelling, roleplaying games, miniatures and everything!

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Models for gaming

Gaming terrain and prop tutorials/WIPs:

Want to learn build your own terrains?

Gaming terrain galleries and dioramas

Need ideas and inspiration for your terrain projects?
Steampunk diorama Winter gaming terrain Ancient cemetery Fantasy or medieval cityscape with port

Papercraft for gamers

Print, cut & glue is the easy and affordable way of getting great gaming terrains.
Chemical container train car paper model Printable basic walls Hidden in this miniatures article is a small paper hawk Babylon 5 inspired space station paper model

Axis & Allies miniatures terrain and modelling

Small scale World War II -themed terrains, built on 3,5" hexes
Basic Axis and Allies miniatures terrains, including cool bridge over race in a chasm A burning World War 2 european town Pacific terrains Printable Objective marker flags

Miniatures and scratchbuilt space ships

Prepainted miniatures

Find right miniature for your games, whether it's Babylon 5, Sword & Sorcery, cyberpunk or something else
Prepainted miniatures for Cyberpunk or Modern - several cheap but great options Prepainted miniatures for Sword and Sorcery -games Prepainted Narn miniatures - with only minor modifications An impaled man and mean-looking warrior - using promo miniatures

Star Wars and Babylon 5 -scratchbuilding etc

Most popular content of the site. Go see them yourself!
Scratchbuilt & resin cast Trade Federation AAT Tank Scratchbuilt Minbari Sharlin warships Scratchbuilt Eclipse class star destroyer and other Star Wars starships Scratchbuilt Star Wars ground combat miniatures


Savage Worlds

My RPG of choice. Fast, Furious and Fun, very GM friendly while still having solid rules with strong tactical aspect
From denial to Savage Worlds (Via 4E)
Conflict -encouraging hindrances
Fast, Furious, Fun rules for cyberpunk
What makes Savage Worlds cool?

Beasts & Barbarians, Sword & Sorcery

My current favourite setting - very Conan-like, with both clicheish and unique elements.
Review of Beasts & Barbarians for Savage Worlds Quick start guide for Beasts & Barbarians
Savage Worlds Sword & Sorcery settings overview

Arts and Crafts

Art and Crafts

Drawings, paintings and Wooden jewelry
Various scifi-themed drawings and paintings Mahogany Fairy necklace An abstact composition and other paintings Mahogany Celtic knot necklace

Architectural / decorational models

Various modelling projects, some of which are quite large
Model of my childhood farm in Asikkala Beach scene of 20's Model of Institute of Orivesi (Oriveden opisto) Wedding cake decoration: Pulut (Pigeons)