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All gaming -related paper models can't be found by using English

Some time ago I posted printable dungeon walls, claiming that there was no free and good-quality printable dungeon walls online. Well, I was wrong, as I was informed by rorschachhamster; But I didn't do my claim without a reason, as if models can only be found using language other than English, then they aren't accessible to majority of the tabletop gamers that use internet. If you want to find printable dungeon walls, would you google using words "Mauer" or "Muralla"? I guess not, unless you speak Germany or Spanish natively, and perhaps not even then.

But  rorschachhamster showed me what he's got on his site, and I think what he's got are really great quality printable paper models, designed especially for gamers. I'll give a few links to his site, having excellent models you couldn't hope to find by googling in English. Even if you don't understant what the links say, I can tell that there's links to the model files on those pages!

Dungeon walls:

Crates and portable outdoors toilets:

A medieval house:

Another medieval house:

Pillar arches:

Do you know other great quality paper models that are excellent for gamers that can't be found by googling in English? Please let me know of them!


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