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Asikkala home farm model, finished

Shortly in Finnish: Tämä on pienoismalli lapsuuden kotitilastani Asikkalassa. Materiaalina on käytetty pääasiassa pahvia ja pienoismalli on upotettu lasikantisen sohvapöydän sisään. Jouduin tekemään pöytään ylimääräisen välipohjan valkopintaisesta vaneerista, muuten tämä malli oli sopivin pienoismallia varten.

Puut on tehty cocktail -tikuista tai rautalangasta ja harjaksista, joihin on värjätyn liiman avulla kiinnitetty 'flock'ia, eli pieneksi hajoitettu värjättyä superlonia tai vastaavaa materiaalia, joita käytetään juuri tällaisiin tarkoituksiin pienoismalleissa.

Childhood home farm - old buildings  Finished! I finally finished the model of childhood home farm in Asikkala, Finland. I've created the buildings during the last few years and given them as gifts for my father, and now I created the actual terrain of the area, including trees. This post contains only photos of the ready model, WIP pics can be found from a post of it's own (updated).

I'm pretty happy with the model, although there are some small scale issues. I had no plans at hand, I've gathered all the info from inaccurate maps, photos I've taken and some rough measurements I've done on the spot. As I've done the buildings one by one and given them away before making the next building, some scale issues were caused by it.

The farm has many traditional wooden finnish buildings from around end of 19th century, the main building is built from brick has been built in 1957.

The model isn't actually 100% ready yet, but it is a conscious choise. Cowshed is still missing, but it's likely to get ready next christmas. 

Below you'll see more pictures of the model.

The model inside the desk

The model inside the glass-covered sofa table

Closer view to the home farm model

A closer look

The whole farm model from bird perspective

The home farm model from bird's eye perspective

Low view to the farm model

A view from above the old buildings

View ober the drying barn

A view over the drying barn

View over the field

A view from the field

The farm from above

A view from above

A view from behind the main building

A view from behind the main building

Asikkala on the map: (disabled, have to fix)

Video footage of the model coming later. 


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