Hello, and welcome to my website! My name is Antti Lusila, and this is the latest incarnation of my personal website. Here you can find a lot of my creations, mainly fantasy- and scifi-themed models that see a lot of use in roleplaing games. There are also architectural models,  wooden jewelry, comics and other stuff. 

The previous location of my websites have been www.kolumbus.fi/antti.lusila and www.vip.fi/~hopeakuu (often referred just as hopeakuu, "silverymoon")

Navigating the website:

On the top of the page, you'll see main content categories of the website. On left, you'll see images that are randomly picked from the content - if you see something interesting just jump there! When looking at an article, you'll also see content suggestions about content similar to the one you are viewing.

Keywords: After each article you can see various keywords. By clicking them, you'll see more content with the keyword in question, and other keywords attached to those articles.

I hope you enjoy the site, feel free to browse around!

Link: My Google profile page


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