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Axis & Allies miniatures terrain, European town

Side view to ruins

This World War II town terrain, meant to be used with Axis & Allies miniatures, was a my entry for terragenesis 'Ruins' competition. It finished on second place and has been commonly used in our AAM -games.

While some of the models are made of cardboard, most of them are resin cast; You can see their construction phases in separate WIP post. More info about construction of my AAM terrains in general you can see in the first AAM terrain post

US Shermans storming over the river

German panzers advancing to the other side of the river

The chapel is burning, and the fire is spreading to the town!

Fore view to the cathedral and burning house


A view to the town across the field

Another side view to the town terrain



More burned buildings here

Burning ww2 town


ww2 town diorama

Another view to cathedral and 4-store house

Bird perspective view to the whole terrain

Another bird perspective view to the whole terrain

ww2 town scenario, once again



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Outstanding work! I just

Submitted by Adam (not verified) on

Outstanding work! I just started my 3D A&A map and I wasn't sure how or what to do about town hexes. Thanks for posting these pics now I have a few ideas. What scale or mm size would you say the structures are? I hand make all my mountains trees ect but I may look at purchasing some buildings. thanks again.


Thanks, good to hear you like

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Thanks, good to hear you like them Adam :)

I don't remember the real scale, but it was something between the original AAM vehicle scale and soldier scale, building the terrains and buildings has been everything about compromises, and they aren't based on any real buildings or drawings - just what looked good.

Good luck with your own terrains, I hope they'll come out great! 

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