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Axis & Allies miniatures terrain, Pacific

Pacific terrain is addition to my AAM terrain collection. A lot of the terrains used in these games are some, but there are several new components which make the terrain look completely different.

Overview of pacific gaming terrain

One of the first terrains I started making were palm trees. These are made from wedding cake decorations by modifying them a bit, separating branches of dual palm trees, removing some coconuts and applying some paint. I believe these trees are originally from a canadian wedding cake decoration company, but unfortnuately I can't find the pages right now.

In addition to making a large amount of new palm trees, straw-huts were another new major component. They've been made of cardboard, glue/filler paste dyed with pigment powders and a brush meant for washing carpets etc. The brush isn't plastic.

Village of straw huts (model)

Some smoke and fire. These are very multi-purpose atmosphere creators in many games.

another view to straw-hut village, now being bombarded


Assault from behind the bridge

Assault from behind the bridge


Defended village

Another set of models, not Pacific -specific, were bunkers and wire barricades. And another major Pacific -specific addition, rice fields. You'll see better photos of them below.

Japanese soldiers advancing


Another photo from defended village


Moomin gods follow the situation =o)


Ok, here you can see the rice fields better finally.


Palm trees - these are actually few of my first AAM terrain elements.


Boom, boom, more boom.


Japanese soldiers charge en masse


Sherman tanks under palm trees
Sherman tanks under palm trees


Zero's! Japanese air support arrives. Unfortunately for them, they go down pretty easily, and Shermans have good machineguns.

Fortified British units
British artillery fortified in a village below palm trees.

Japanese forces on the move
Imperial forces advance.

Brits are still fortified
British forces are still fortified, another view

Zero's approach low

Zero's (Or Zeke's actually) approach on low from behind the bridge.



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