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Axis & Allies miniatures Winter War terrain WIP

This terrain is going to show you step by step how I'm doing my winter war gaming terrains for Axis & Allies miniatures. I'm going to post the photos for start, and write more text later about creation process. You can find some details about the terrain creation process in Axis & Allies miniatures ww2 town terrain, WIP -post.

The tutorial isn't complete yet, as the creation of the terrain is not finished due to lack of time; I hope it still will give you some help in making your own terrains.

Cardboard hexes for base terrain

Here's how the terrain project starts. Hex patterns (I've used 3,5 inces) are printed on paper, and shapes fitting in hexes are cut out from 1mm cardboard.

Right now I don't remember if I used self-adhesive plastic sheet with these; Usually I've used it with these terrains.

Pieces of wire are glued to the bases with faur amount of PVA (wood-) glue. Any road locations are placed beforehands so you know where you don't want to glue trees.

PVA glue is applied to the wires.

PVA glue is applied to the wires - not on every spot.

Making trees, next part 

Now when there's glue on the trees, it's time to do them some branches and foliage. They are created from something called 'white fiber' - don't know if it's the right translation. It's natural component in brushes like this: 

I've applied some glue on wire and then dropped a lot of fiber cut short on it, for a few times. It is actually easier to cut pieces beforehand and then just ripple them on the trees. Collect any excess that doesn't stay on trees and ripple it again on the trees.

Styrofoam as material for rocks
Styrofoam cut to create hills.

Gluing styrofoam together to form hills
Pieces of styrofoam glued together to form rocks. Then they were glued to cardboard hex bases.

Styrofoam starts to look like rocks
Filler/glue paste with pigment color powder applied to the styrofoam, and the pieces start to look like rocks.

Using wire and white fiber to create trees.

Creating trees on hills


Spruce along the road

 Spruce along the road

Gluing styrofoam to cardboard hexes
Gluing styrofoam to cardboard hexes

Creating roads and trees in winter terrain piece
Covering places there the tire tracks will come; This will become winter terrain!

Applying a thick layer of spray paint. A thick, so it stays wet for a thile. Brown, and very light shades of black, grey, even red & yellow.


Using flock to create foliage

Some flock has been rippled on the trees to form foliage - it sticks the wet paint.

Hex map
Glueing together paper with hex pattern; Some details / character would be nice, but I'm lazy and don't want to see much trouble with this. 

Detail of hex map




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