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Beasts and Barbarians Quickstart sheet

Welcome to the crash course to Dread Star Realms!

When there came speak of Beasts & Barbarians quick start sheet with Piotr, he mentioned that GRAmel folk are currently very busy but hoped a fan could do it. Knowing that many of my player wouldn't read the player's guide, I decided to accept the challenge, and here you can see the result. Hopefully this will help many Beasts & Barbarians games to start better! 

Dread Sea Dominions TodayA note - I wanted to get everything important on 2 pages, so the sheet isn't optimized for prettiness. For more information, look at the Beasts & Barbarians -book; even if you as a player aren't going to read the whole player's guide part, it's highly recommended to read the parts about your character's culture and home area.

Link: Quickstart guide for Beasts & Barbarians [Pdf]

(File updated Tuesday 3.4.2012)


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Thanks! I`ll post it on my

Submitted by Piotr (not verified) on

Thanks! I`ll post it on my website, if it is not a problem.

Wow looks great do you mind

Submitted by ParvusDomus (not verified) on

Wow looks great do you mind if I translate it to spanish and share it on MeWe?

Sorry for delay in reply – go

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Sorry for delay in reply – go ahead! Just mention & link to the original English version here :)

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