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Beasts & Barbarians S8: Kyros

The campaign continues after a half-year party! Falchor's player has left the game and a new player has entered the game. Godzul's player wasn't present and Falchor was looking for Godzul (who apparently was arrested for Drunken hooliganism, just like Doris - together they had somehow become owners of an tavern!). The group met near the marketplace where an execution was about to take place. The heroes weren't very happy as the situation looked like an execution of generally innocent people from Savannah - apparently current Autarch (who didn't appear very sane) had something against people of Savannah.

The group wondered whether to do something, and met a mercenary named Sonam, who introduced himself and enjoyed an idea of causing some chaos. As the hangings started, the group dropped an arrogant -looking fat noble from his carrying chair for distraction dashed forward. Soldiers started to drop dead and crowd started to flee, and soon all 6 savannah people were freed. Younges of the was just a kid but seemed to know where to go and lead the group to safety before local militia arrived. The kid was actually involved with some local resistance group, and apparently was influential there (if not leading them), and now the others wanted to join too.

Execution of Savannah people - the heroes intervene!

The group avoided larger streets while heading to the other side of the city to Doris' and Godzul's tavern (NIMI?). Inn's barmade Zira feels to be quite capable and strong-willed and knows a lot about bar-keeping. Heroes keep low profile in their inn while Zira runs the business, and witness a venerableValk warrior babbling about him riding with the great leader Dhaar and alchemists being no good, just assassins. Fellows in the next table decide to raise a drink for the alchemists, which causes a bar brawl - which in turn is quickly dispatched by a group of soldiers. A white-haired noble that came in with the soldiers glances through the tavern; Zira tells Doris that the man is Lord Banjai, in very high position in the city.

Actual troubles begin when a group of thugs, lead by a large man called Gor, enters the tavern and asks to be paid for services of protecting the tavern from meeting any trouble. The heroes confront him and turn him away, but after a while the group begins to hear shouts "Fire! Fire!" outside and see that their tavern is burning! Würful and Sonam Climb up the wall and help the formed chain to deliver water to the fire more easily and are able to quickly dispatch the fire.

Fire! The tavern is burning!

Putting out the fire

A view from the top

When the heroes return to the tavern, the don't find Zira anywhere and the back door is busted. When the group started to look around, a boy brought a them a message telling them to do bring 500 gold moons at midnight Fire! The tavern is burning!to the old bridge between this and shackles districts. The group tried to find more info about the capturers and found some tidbits but decided then to wait for the midnight


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