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Tabletop gaming and your health

Do you take care of your health?

For a long time, I thought of excercising doesn't concern me and that I don't need to care too much about what I eat – until I went to see the doctor for a routine check and he showed me how wrong I was.

Do you take care of your health?

Website facelift!

Shoemaker's child got new shoes!

I've finally found some time to fix some style bugs, crudities and other problems on the site. And I've even been able to go through all the comments, removed finally some 5000 spam messages and published a few real comments buried among them! Sorry for anyone commenting and being buried into the mountain of spam. Luckily I managed to stop the flood but as I was ignoring the website way too long because of life being turned upside down by the kids, the amount of spam on the site had already grown overwhelmed.

Myyn/Vaihdan D&D/Pathfinder miniatyyrejä

Vanhemmat arvokkaammat figut

*Sorry for Finnish post – this is about selling/trading prepainted miniatures and some other stuff and I prefer to trade locally!*

Nonni. Aiemmin olen vaihdellut tavaraa Maxminisillä, Wizardsin foorumeilla ja Mahasamatmanilla, mutta näitä ei ole enää olemassa. Päätinpä siis laittaa listaa hakukoneiden ja satunnaisten kulkijoiden nähtäville.

Olen jo jonkin aikaa miettinyt, missä Suomesta voisi ostaa/myydä/vaihtaa muoviminiatyyrejä. Facebookin figukirppis on yksi paikka, mutta harvemmin siellä näkyy muoviminiatyyri -ihmisiä. Vastaava ilmoitus on kyllä sielläkin.

History of my website

Original site at

Just for fun - I found some photos of my old websites! Some of the content has survived to this site, while others is outdated or I've just decided to ditch. Maybe you've seen some of these years ago?

The first one is more than 20 years old :D

Original site at

This was at vip . fi / ~ hopeakuu

PbtA Star Wars on demand – perfect combination!

Rebel team in a tight spot on a volcanic planet

RPG's have never felt this much Star Wars!

In September I was running Games on Demand at Tracon (Tampere / Finland). I prepared materials to run Rebellion era Star Wars with a simple PbTA system, and it was a perfect hit! During 2 days I run 6 games with 3-6 players, shortest game being 50 minutes and the longest extending to 1h20min as no-one was in hurry.

Miniature container craft – Monster manual comes to life!

Because crafting is fun. Especially Game-related crafting. And 3E monster manual looked cooler.

Now that I've been moving towards using maps and tiles as terrain instead of 3D terrain, as most of my games take place somewhere else than at my home, I've had an itch to craft something. Seeing some very cool Dice pouches and pondering what would be optimal way to categorize and store my minis gave me an idea of making a Monster Manual -style miniatures box for my core miniatures collection.