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Cemeteries in tabletop games – thoughts, inspiration, links

View to Montmartre cemetery

Cemetery, Graveyard, Necropolis, City of the Dead. Pretty much every fantasy city, town and village has such, and they have a great promise of adventure: Necromancers looking for bodies, haunts with unfinished business, buried treasures and even a whole unholy domain, especially at night time – as Necropolis and it's Dark Reliquary in Ptolus.

Showing Seasons in tabletop maps

Autumn woods rpg tiles

Sometimes, just a small hint is enough to give players image of what's going on and give them the right feel. And perhaps help everyone remember some environmental modifiers too. This is true with the torch & light markers I made years ago, in addition to helping to remember that characters can't see everything out there.

Myyn/Vaihdan D&D/Pathfinder miniatyyrejä

Vanhemmat arvokkaammat figut

*Sorry for Finnish post – this is about selling/trading prepainted miniatures and some other stuff and I prefer to trade locally!*

Nonni. Aiemmin olen vaihdellut tavaraa Maxminisillä, Wizardsin foorumeilla ja Mahasamatmanilla, mutta näitä ei ole enää olemassa. Päätinpä siis laittaa listaa hakukoneiden ja satunnaisten kulkijoiden nähtäville.

Olen jo jonkin aikaa miettinyt, missä Suomesta voisi ostaa/myydä/vaihtaa muoviminiatyyrejä. Facebookin figukirppis on yksi paikka, mutta harvemmin siellä näkyy muoviminiatyyri -ihmisiä. Vastaava ilmoitus on kyllä sielläkin.

Attention map fans, sales going on right and left!

There's a nice amount of sales here and there and also I've been browsing and doing some purchases here and there - both physical maps (or actually tiles) and printable ones. I've found good ones and also seen little disappointments.

Space station map tiles review(ish)

Conflict at habitation quarters

For some time, I've been looking at Future Armada's Invictus with a curious eye, but I haven't had actual need for it. A few days ago I run a session of Babylon 5 and went to check what DriveThruRpg has to offer. I had been looking at High Space's Euphoria as I was planning to use it's setting Lantern as a base for the game.

In-progress pics of the scratchbuilt Star Wars starship collection

Scratchbuilding Imperial Escort Carrier

While browsing through old photos, I found a few modelling/WIP photos of perhaps the most popular content of this site - miniature -scale Scratchbuilt Star Wars starships collection. I uploaded them here and at the same time, separated WIP pics and tutorials from the original Star Wars scratchbuilt starship models post to reduce the size and put them here to create one separate WIP/tutorial post. And sorry for rss spamming - I needed to change the title more relevant.