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Website -related

Website facelift!

Shoemaker's child got new shoes!

I've finally found some time to fix some style bugs, crudities and other problems on the site. And I've even been able to go through all the comments, removed finally some 5000 spam messages and published a few real comments buried among them! Sorry for anyone commenting and being buried into the mountain of spam. Luckily I managed to stop the flood but as I was ignoring the website way too long because of life being turned upside down by the kids, the amount of spam on the site had already grown overwhelmed.

History of my website

Original site at

Just for fun - I found some photos of my old websites! Some of the content has survived to this site, while others is outdated or I've just decided to ditch. Maybe you've seen some of these years ago?

The first one is more than 20 years old :D

Original site at

This was at vip . fi / ~ hopeakuu

Website updates

This site is finally getting some care. For too long time I haven't had time to develop the site or fix the bugs, but with all the experience I've gained during the last years I'm finally preparing to do some updates. These updates may cause occassional errors or other minor issues. Sorry for any inconvinience!

I'll most likely do some updates to the looks of the site, and I also like to rebuild some features ready Drupal components haven't handled well - including browsing pages, which I'm going to renew, saying goodbye to Views module! 

If you've enjoyed my gaming terrains, printable paper props, gamemastery articles, Savage Worlds stuff...

...or any other of the numerous contents of my site, please vote Shaper & Maker for RPG Site of the Year 2012! The voting has just opened and is open for 24 hours.

If I win, I'll try publish even more useful stuff for everyone! Well, at least to those enjoying terrain tutorials, miniature introductions, paper terrains/miniatures, gamemastery and Savage Worlds. I'm also currently trying to organize my site's browsing and article promotion better. Oh what the heck, I'm trying to do those things anyway!

Shaper & Maker site news - New mark reached & future plans

S&M just hit 2000 monthly visits mark, thanks to everyone for your interest! It's not even month after hitting the 1k mark, but the site is relatively new and the summer was quite quiet so such growth is quite understandable. I was first making this site as a way to rebuild my old website, but it has grown something much bigger, and I have loads of topics waiting.

Shaper & Maker website has a new skin!

As you may notice, the website has changed. The material is still the same and it works in a similar way. There's also a new feature on the site, similar to the old one, which gives you suggestions about content similar to the one you are currently viewing - this time with images. The website is likely to be tuned for a while, and of course it will get new material continually.