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Cardboard sailing ships (+WIP)

Two medieval ship models: Merchant ship and a warship
These two cardboard ships, a warship and a merchant ship, have seen frequent use in D&D games, as well as in an earlier Iron Heroes game. While IH was a different and refreshing variation from D&D, I find it currently too cumbersome ruleswise. 

Modular components of the ship models
Some of the ship structures are modular - compare this photo to the one above to see this.

Griffons attack! A battle at sea going on.
Griffons attack! A battle at sea going on.

Pirates. Who doesn't love pirates?
Pirates. Who doesn't love pirates?

Sea battle

Cardboard ship model construction ships
WIP photo of the models. I exposed the side cardboards to moisture and used a bottle to force them to right shapes. Plank lines are drawn with a ball-point pen by pushing hard. Cocktail sticks, balsa wood and larger stone poles were used too.


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Eight years later, I find you

Submitted by Miquel (not verified) on

Eight years later, I find you blog and this post.
Really nice work.
I'm interested in this kind of ships (for me, medievals).
Where do you find the files of the ships? Or, is scrathbuilding?

Thank you and congratulations for the work.

Thanks Miquel! These are

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Thanks Miquel! These are scratchbuilt from beginning – I've used some images for inspiration, but other than that' it's by inspiration, test & trial :)

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