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Carnival mask, a tribute to Gary Larson

Digging through old stuff, I found something I could use for this year's MayDay party - a mask inspired by Gary Larson's Far Side comics. A 15-year old mask that had gone through a rough party and several migrations was a bit in a bad shape, but usable anyways. But a I was hosting a party and the mask was quite clumsy (especially what come to vision), I couldn't keep the mask on for very long. It seemed to do quite an impression to the kids though, who surrounded me fast, wanting to make me reveal my face :)

Gary Larson's Nerd mask in useAnyway, I made this mask for a party in school of crafts and arts in Ikaalinen, and won a prize pizza with it. I first created wireframe of 1mm wire that gave the shape for the mask, tried it on to see it was useable and started adding layers of paper stripes soaked on watery wood glue. When finihed, I added hair from strings, painted it with a thick paint and created glasses from wood, wire and two round pieces of thick acrylic.

Below you can see photos from the mask, inide out. Remember that it's 15 years old and not in best shape anymore!

Mask on the table

Mask from side

Mask from below

View to mask interiors



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