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How to create Cave -terrain for your dungeon-delving games

Cave terrain in useIn my fantasy roleplaying game sessions, I use mostly three kinds of terrain (gaming props used with miniatures, if you are not familiar with the term): As my main setting currently is Ptolus, which is an urban setting, I'm using City terrain (houses, marketplace items etc); the second type is tiled wall terrain (which can be used for built dungeons, interiors of buildings, cemetery walls, sometimes as exteriors of buildings too when I'm lazy or want to give better view of the area for my players) and, the last one cave terrains (which in addition to cave walls can act as hills, rocks, cliffs etc).

Cave terrain & walls

Cave terrains are quite easy and fun to create. I've written instructions about how to create them quite a while ago, which I'm sharing you here; I hope it's clear enough to read and understand - if you have any problems with it, please write a comment and ask for help.

If you want to make your dungeons more alive, you can always make details such as stalagmites (ones extruding from the ground), stalaktites (ones hanging from the roof), pools of water (I'll show you one later), giant spider webs (which I still have to make), collapsed walls, rubble on the ground... anything you can think of. If you really want to do some work, you can do ready components with ground and everything, with stairs or rising tunnels and elements to put under tiles to put some of them higher. And I can guarantee you'll be needing a few solid blocks of cave terrain, like the ones you can see in the upper image; they are just too handy and also look better than separate walls.

Read the instructions about making the terrain:  Cave terrain building instructions


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I was considering doing a

Submitted by (not verified) on

I was considering doing a similar article on my blog, but yours are so damn nice I think I'll just refer people to your site when the time comes! :D

I've recently ordered something from Russia that might be of interest to you: they're called castlecraft and, as the name implies, its a modular castle :D I'm planning on making dungeons with it though! I could well be wrong, but I've got a feeling it would link up well with the bendy-dungeon-walls someone else sells! Worst comes to worst I'm going to make a mold with the thermosetting plastic I've had sitting in my bits box for the last 3 years bought (only other idea I've had is making scalemail armor for the apocalypse - allegedly its as hard as ballistic Nylon)

Thanks, great to hear you

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Thanks, great to hear you like it! :D

Very nice that model, I'll have to that product line(?) out! It looks like a little paint will make it look quite excellent! I'm posting the link here in case someone else here is interested - it took a while to find as there's a computer game with same name.


Be sure to tell me how those turn out & post pics (and let me know about them) about what you're going to do to them!

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