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Character gallery

I have brought here pictures and descriptions of some characters I have played. However, a great amount of pictures are quick sketches or they have disappeared somewhere with old GM's so there are only few pictures on this page.

Duchess Dania Applehill



Dania began her 'career' as an adventurer, desiring for fame, glory and experiences. Those she found unexpectedly when she revealed and nullified a plan to  assasinate the king. 


Marco Hemill

A mage who is invaluable aid for every group of adventurers. Knows a lots of spells that are very useful for every kind of situations but a very few battle-spells. He is also to be kept far away from the front line just like from technical things.

Ltn. Katherine Galdings



Beautiful but deadly. When off-duty she's a charming lady but when working she's a real nazi and a sadistic warrior, whose favourite weapons can be seen on right. Furthermore, she has a deadly secret, RQ players may recognize the word ogre...  



Xar Mareth

My D&D -character. I haven't been drawing pictures of my characters lately, but I had to visualise how this minotaur could move among the people unrecognized... Xar Was at level 14 when quitting the campaign, and at best did 244 damage to a dragon in one round! 


Gityana Taloc



Even more recent D&D -character as the previous campaign was suspended as the characters were almost demigods... A monk at the Sisterhood of Unstoppable Fire. 


Rud Grundler

Watca looking at horseface?

In all it's tastelessness, I had to bring this character here. I created this character when a friend of mine was learning to gm Gurps, and wanted to try the mechanism... Actual gaming this character hasn't seen. Stats: 13/13/9/13. Most important skill: Brawling 21 (40pts). Advantages: Toughness 2, High Pain Treshold. Disadvantages: Bully, Overweight, Alcoholist, Bad temper, Compulsive Behavior (Bars)... 



Mercenary. Bodyguard of a mercahant named Vargred in the larp Lighthouse of Viherkivi at Orivesi -99. The game was my first larp.





Not actually a character, but my Ropecon (Greatest RPG-convention in Finland) -look 2001.



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