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Christmas in july & Savage Worlds anniversary sale!

Lots of cool pdf's on sale at DrivethruRPG/RpgNOW! I'm finally planning to buy myself a Deadlands reloaded player's handbook & see what the setting really is like - I've been curious about it for ages but haven't got into buying it until now. As a Savage Worlds fan, here's a few items I've found especially interesting: 

Savaged EarthdawnTattered banners, and Space 1889: Red Sands - and I'll also mention a few I already have - Ptolus(!), Solomon Kane, Necessary Evil and Jalizar, City of Thieves (which I just bought a few days ago - feels like there's another 5-star coming from me to GRAmel when I get through it!)

I'm a great fan of Urban settings and run a D&D 4E campaign using Ptolus (which is 3E -based) from 1st to epic levels; When I get current games finished, I'll run a darker/filthier urban campaign in Jalizar...


Christmas in July

Savage Worlds Tenth anniversary sale


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