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Chronicles of Reilukerho Ptolus campaign: Claw and the prison plane

Warning: Spoilers!

Father Claw & the riders

Plans and preparation ideas for this session can be read at

Players meet captain Norris Felder and his treasure while trying to find source of a scream, and a Charad titan appears and abducts PC's to an ancient small plane of everwinter, where Charad titans (= 4E Eldrich titans) live.  PC's fled two attacking titans (Eldrich Titans).

They see an impossibly high spire full of titans, and around of it's top are foxfires. They met the last surviving member of the group of the last abductees and a dead mage, who mumbled something about foxfires being the escape. He tells that the mage had found it out from some scripts in stones after a few hours of travel. PC's rest, but are attacked by winter wolves.

PC's travelled to the runes, but on the way found an extremely cold cave, where a gargantuan white dragon was imprisoned by magical chains and waiting patiently. He tells that he can take PC's home if they release him. Players hesitate and leave.

PC's left and continued to the runes and with a fumbled arcana roll, managed to summon different cold & air elementals (ice archon & shardstorm vortex). They find out that the foxfires really are some kind of portal out. They encountered Taers & A behir, which was pretty challenging fight with several PC's going down.

Fighting Behir and Taers

Behir wrecking havoc

They also fought an epic level titan when trying to go to the spire, and decided that their only option is to release Claw to get out. They did a ritual to break the chains, and Claw respected his promise and carried PC's away from the realm via foxfires. He thanks them in the harbor of Ptolus in human form and then leaves with a wide grim. PC's heard good amount of ancient Ptolus / Praemal history from Claw.

Father Claw & the riders

Claw again

PC's then realize that almost no time has passed in Ptolus since they left. They see sahuagins rising from sea and moving towards an old warehouse (Balcazar & comp have a kind of gang war against the Ennin & Pactlords) and after a while two vampires rush out of the warehouse to see why it takes so long from the sahuagin.

Fighting sahuagin in the harbor district

Medre Allacondra appears to see who's killing her children, but also Zavere enters the scene. PC's learn about their history, and even bigger conflict is about to ensue but Medre is then recalled with a mental command and leaves reluctantly.

Linele's ghost who follows Hau-Hau (for a moment she multiclassed to shaman but changed later back - linele still follows) appears to accuse Zavere of murdering her, and Zavere almost breaks down. He invites PC's to his home and tells them a lot of things, and promises to find out where Linele's body is; Vampires had fetched undead Linele from brotherhood of Redemption using her mother and then forced the mother to do a suicide and forced Linele's ghost out of her body as the demon from the clock entered her body (PC's had given the clock to a dwarf smith to be analyzed but he was murdered and clock stolen) - and Shivvel factory is in action again.

PC's came back the next day and explored tunnel starting from the shed, but found only a few letters about pactlords having gained 'it' and road being wide open to control the city!


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