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Chronicles of Reilukerho Ptolus campaign: Quaan

The black tower and beholder

PC's entered realm of Quaan with flying mounts. Only part of the encounters was photographed: An encounter with a giant patrol and the final encounter with the beholder. Other encounters were orcs & illithid at the swamp (the illithid carried Black Grail, which was picked up by Aurora, fey warlock - she's gained some power, situation is about to build up... and unfortunately Disintegration is quite much nerfed in 4E so illithid gave little resistance :P ), and ogres guarding the black manor & bunch of Yuan-Ti.


Swamp encounter: Hill giants and orcs
Swamp encounter: Hill giants and orcs. 

Swamp, hill giants & orcs (continued)
Swamp, hill giants & orcs (continued). Giants went down quite fast.

Couatl attacked by harpies
Couatl attacked by harpies. Xicouatlsomething lured the harpies away from the black tower in order to allow pc's approach unnoticed.

The black tower and beholder
The black tower and an ages-old beholder. This was something that gave a real challenge for the players, in a small space the eye-ray aura was killer! I was afraid it might bee too much... but as always, when PC's got an opportunity, the monster went down almost instantly.


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