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Chronicles of Reilukerho Ptolus campaign: Releasing Linele

Lord Zavere had promised to Linele's ghost and Reilukerho to find out where Linele's body and the demon possessing it are. With Shard's help, he found that the demon is inhabiting the lighthouse island in front of Ptolus. Reilukerho got themselves a boat on started to row towards the island.

Closing the lighthouse
Rowing towards the island

Attacked by sahuagin

Sahuagin attack! The travel is intercepted by Sahuagin and their sharks. These vile allies of Balcazar family are commanded to attack the troublesome PC's closing the new Shivvel factory.


The lighthouse island

PC's land on the lighthouse island and find two very scared lighthouse keepers. They intimidate them to tell what's going on, and for a while the poor fellows are more scared of the heroes than the vampires that had intimidated them to shut up... Unfortunately, they knew very little about the island and the old lighthouse. Heroes found a tunnel from the ruins of the old lighthouse.


Entering the cave under the older, ruined lighthouse
Delving the tunnel below the ruins. Vampires, some of which the heroes had met before, attack, aided by wraiths - both of these players hate. 

Wraiths... pc's not-favourites

The fight continues. Hau-Hau, young eastern wizardess, has summoned a sphere of flame and a succubus.


advancing in the dungone

The vampires are going down down pretty fast.


Linele, father and mother
Young pale girl with some disgusting sexually flavoured gestures and distorted facial features: "Will you play with me?"

No, they didn't.

"Mom! Dad! Uncle! Bad people try to do me harm!". And mom, dad and uncle run to help little Linele. These undead abominations had been risen by the demon to protect her and to provide her entertainment.

The end of the demon

In the end, Linele tried to escape through the door; Flaunder (ranger) followed and was alone with the creature for a while and in real danger, but in the end Linele went down and smoke flew to an old watch she was carrying. Linele's body was taken to the island she died at and buried, and the ghost got her peace. The watch was this time taken to the pale tower, to be watched over by celestials.


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