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It's funny to be very excited about a boardgame you've never played

If you didn't guess it, I'm talking about Eclipse. I don't have the game but my friends have a few so I don't think I'll ever need to buy one, but I might end up buying one - just because. When they become available again , that is - it seems like the first print is sold out here in Finland.

Anyway, there's several reason why I'm so excited about this game. First, I've always been fan of grand scale scifi, where different species deal with each other by diplomacy, military, intrigue etc. And while I've been favoring fantasy more than scifi in roleplaying games, scifi goes first otherwise - which might well be because most fantasy feels somehow a bit soulless, and in tv and movies there's much more scifi than fantasy. Or there might be a lot of fantasy, but a lot of it is cheaply/poorly done.

What about scifi? My favourite TV series of all times must be Babylon 5, and I've also collected and played b5ccg (Babylon 5 collectible card game) actively. And when it comes to video games, the game that I believe I've spent most time with is Master of Orion 2. That's quite good base for Eclipse -fandom.

All the hype and praises about the game got me excited, and I downloaded the rules and was soon sold. I was supposed to get to play last Sunday, but the game was canceled, and we're trying again next Sunday - and I can't wait for it! Now I'm really sorry I missed all the playtesting sessions in Finnish cons, but I was too busy developing and playtest/demoing e2o (still under development).


Eclipse @ boardgamegeek (Top item at the Hot list!)

Eclipse rules

Video review & walkthrough of rules (one hour long!)


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It's a quite good game, more

Submitted by Heiki (not verified) on

It's a quite good game, more euro-style but with some conflict. Very streamlined though.

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