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Two Savage Worlds npc's for modern games

These two NPC's have been created automatically using a generator, which is part of a much larger entity. It will be released some day, but in which format it will be unsure - it's Licencee status with Savage Worlds would be something I'd like to happen but I can't promise.

Here's two sample characters; remember that the generator is still in development phase and depending on circumstances might not be finished at all - without licencee status it might be too huge work to finish it.

Savage worlds npc's

A gentleman thief with a wheel on loose doing a con job and not-so-nice diplomat - both of which can fill central parts in a roleplaying game.


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Heya, is this random

Submitted by Brad (not verified) on

Heya, is this random generator still in works or available or what? I'd love to use it for a game this weekend! I have about 20-30 npcs to make and I'm not looking forward to that :)

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