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Scratchbuilt Narn G'Quan heavy cruisers

G'Quan 1.JPG - Starting G'Quan Heavy Cruisers; Pieces of 1mm cardboard and some plastic/paper/wire parts.

Narn G'Quan cruisers are perhaps my favourite ships in Babylon 5 series, which is full of excellent ship designs. It was only matter of time before I had to build a few of my own - finding A Call to Arms -game helped in this, even if I didn't like the game a lot after all.

Once again, 1mm cardboard has been used to create base structures of these warships. In the above picture, you can also see three pieces of plastic pipe tied together with thin wire with some thin cardboard shaped with hard-pressed ball-point pen and a small wooden ball to finish the shape.

G'Quan 2.JPG - Advancing G'Quans. Cutting those extruding parts.

G'Quan 3.JPG - Adding details and putting the models together.

I've used a bit thicker (plastic-covered) wire to tie the gun pieces together. There's some balsa wood in the central parts of the ships.

G'Quan 4.JPG - Ready ships; Fleet regiment of 3 Narn G'Quan Heavy Cruisers.

Painting the ships. Red base, white camouflage with a fine brush. Central parts were first painted dark grey and then drybrushed with lighter grey with a hint of silver.

G'Quan 5.JPG - Another view to Narn warships.

Ready ships! A G'Quan regiment ready to engage any Centauri ships they see!

If you are looking for a G'Quan cruiser paper model, you should check Burger's site.


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What is the length of the

Submitted by Arthur Ramos (not verified) on

What is the length of the model. Do you sell them?

Hi Arthur – Apologies for

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Hi Arthur – Apologies for delayed publishing of the comment, and unfortunately the amount of work needed vs. the money people are willing to pay do not meet here :) I don't have the models at hand now, but I'd say some 7-8cm/3" would be quite close.

OK, do you have a template &

Submitted by Arthur Ramos (not verified) on

OK, do you have a template & instructions available to make this ship?

Not sure if I have a template

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Not sure if I have a template – I can check! And sorry, no other instructions than these photos up there, they should give you a good picture about how they should be done.

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