My Beasts & Barbarians campaign starts soon, and I wanted to take a few inspirational photos while waiting for the game. These diorama-like photos have only few pieces of terrain, but represent situations that might well be epic moments in a Sword & Sorcery game.

Cavalry charge and a barbarian

Fight of the priestesses

Cultists and thieves

Heroes on horses, surrounded by villagers and soldiers


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They really could, I haven't

They really could, I haven't read them all but I've tried to keep true to the theme :) Tomorrow I can start taking real game photos! I'm trying to run some of the published adventures, but I really have difficulties to keep all the same players in the game each session, so I'm wondering how Death of a Tyrant runs - it has some elements that almost demands for the players to be present. I love it but I need to think of something that explains some of the characters being different each session.

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