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Dungeon terrains

Lidda's bad day

This article is about basic dungeon terrains; If you have any terrains for roleplaying purposes, they are much likely to be stone wall -terrains like these!

My terrain buildling hobby began years ago, inspired by Warhammer (which I've never actually played) and D&D 3rd edition. I had plans of creating my own miniatures from scratch(!), and in addition to them, started to create some trees, dungeon walls and miniatures. I had made some wireframe structures for miniatures and started applying filler to them - this wasn't my first time doing that, I had earlier created a model of a 20's beach scene with a lot of scratchbuilt characters in it. I had read battle descriptions of some Warhammer battles and got excited, even bought a Warhammer rulebook, but was turned down by readability and complexity issues of the old book.

The project advanced slowly. Only when cheap prepainted Dungeons & Dragons miniatures came out, and a friend of mine decided to order a bunch, I ordered a few boxes at the same time - after which I was hooked. While I had bought the minis for RPG purposes, I got excited about the miniatures game too, and I had to collect enough miniatures to get decent warbands for each faction, including a few different leaders, and when the second set - Dragoneye - came out, I had to order a bunch of those too. Of course. Collectible games can be quite hooking.

Anyway, with appearance of DDM, my terrain building project got quite a boost. I finished my first set of terrain, self-made resin-cast dungeon walls, boosted with pillars & some DDM terrain elements (rubble, sacred circle, blood stones). While I made the tiles and other terrains myself, I'll have to say Hirst arts was a great source of inspiration for me. I decided to go 2cm tiles instead of 1", which doomed any chance of buying later some HA molds and combine with my terrains.

Overview to DDM dungeon terrain.

I didn't paint them all at the same time, and didn't pay close attention to colors. Therefore there's some difference in wall colors.

A hall with pillars - a classic!

The terrain can be used to create very atmospheric sceneries, a hall with pillars is an excellent example of this. And while I've learned to like paper terrains too, they can't reach the feel of real 3d -terrain.

Another view to the DDM dungeon terrain

Quickly made pit terrain wasn't very successful... works best as printed.


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Just found your site on RPGBA

Submitted by Victor Von Dave (not verified) on

Just found your site on RPGBA - those terrain pieces are impressive. Doubly so for being scratch-built. I actually like the discrepancy in wall color. I think it makes the dungeon look a little more 'lived in' (as a dungeon should be) and not so off the rack.
Out of curiosity, what is the 'floor' that the terrain is laid on top of?

Your blog is so inspiring! I

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Your blog is so inspiring! I've gotta get round to making some of my own!
Oh yeah I finally got that Castlecraft kit I mentioned, it's more than a little overwhelming, you have to actually attach handles to all the doors, I think it might have been easier to start from scratch! (fiddly bits are quite common in Russian kits I've noticed :))

Thanks for your comments,

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Thanks for your comments, they keep me inspired writing and creating more stuff!

Victor,I don't think the discrepancy is bad, but it might work better if there were even more differently toned pieces. Maybe i'll do some new ones, there's always need for more!

The floor is original D&D miniatures battle map from Harbinger -set, when terrain tiles were used instead of ready maps. I liked those tiles in the game, even if full maps look better.

And it's great to hear first-hand information on that Castlecraft kit :D If you have any photos please share them!

Your website is indeed

Submitted by Sai (not verified) on

Edited by S&M: Oh, the silly spammers. I just had to publish this, removing the link. Above post copied, run through some synonymizer and link added to the end. Magnificent!


Your website is indeed uplifting! I have must obtain spherical to earning a few of my own, personal!
By the way We ultimately obtained which Castlecraft system I said, it really is higher than a tiny mind-boggling, you must really affix addresses to any or all the particular gates, It may have been better to begin with the beginning! [LINK REMOVED]

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