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Dungeon walls! Print, cut and glue walls for your rpg's

I find it surprising that there's no free, high-quality printable basic walls downloadable anywhere - so I decided to create such and share them. These dungeon (or castle) walls are partially uneven structure, like they were very old, and this way work better as cave wall or cliff.

The photo below shows the walls in use; they have been altered a little bit after printing these walls but they are very close to these.

Downloadable dungeon walls in use

I've glued pieces of hardware (slags, bolts etc.) to the lower part of the walls to make them strudier; the paper I've used is thicker than normal, otherwise it would collapse easily. You can also glue support pieces inside walls, especially longer ones, and there's also templates for those with the longer wall piece sheet.

Always, be sure to check that the pieces fit in before applying glue. If you see severe issues with these models (I've modified the templates a bit after printing my own pieces so they'd look a bit better - they SHOULD be fine!) please let me know. 

And if you want to post links to sites where you've posted pics of these walls in use, feel free to do so!


I've printed the walls at 300dpi - if the sheets won't fit completely on the print area, remember that those 'wings' aren't vital - you can cut these attaching surfaces without them. I've printed them with GIMP which allows better placing of the print area.

And one more thing - if you borrow these walls to other gm's, let them know that they aren't concrete - like you can see from the photo, too strong grip can give the a piece a dent.


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How come there isn't

How come there isn't downloadable dungeon walls anywhere?
These are only some the most popular. I like Fat Dragon's the most, but you may find that the other sets add varity to the table. And speaking of variety, all these publishers make other versions of walls for caverns, taverns, castles, even starships.

Sorry Hackbarth, I wasn't

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Sorry Hackbarth, I wasn't precise - I meant FREE downloadable dungeons - I updated the post to reflect this. I've seen some free walls too, but they've been generally something that could have been printed from a C-64 game.

I wanted decent-looking basic dungeon walls to be available for download for everyone.

Hey! I did that, too! You can

Hey! I did that, too! You can find my on my blog, here: (It's on German, but the walls are not ;) )

And this could be of use for you as well:

And I got the tip on a rpg-board to fill them a little with small grained gravel, like for an aquarium. Not too much, then the glue will be giving up. Like a third of the heigth. But they stand much more firm - it's propably a little easier than to find the everytime the right bolt for the job...

And even a "compatible" design. ;)

Thanks for the link

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Thanks for the link rorschachhamster, good to know there's other walls out there too! A little hint - if you want your walls to be found, throw there a few words in english too. Some walls also look a bit hard to figure out what shapes they are, pics of completed walls would be great to have next to them - something I could also do myself... But having a few different -shaped pieces feels like a great idea, I'll have to print some of those myself too!

And a great hint about sand! That requires careful glueing of all the edges... are you using cardstock? IIRC it's 150g I'm using paper I'm using that I bought a large pack. It could be a little strudier for models like that.

And those pillar structures look neat :D

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