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Finnish DDM championship 2011

Photos from Finnish DDM championship. Winner was Toby with 4x Galeb Duhr + 2 Celestial Dire Badgers. The event took place in Willa Mac. You can read more about the championship event at Hordelings.


Waiting for the first game

The gaming site Villa Mac was very beautiful

Interior pic again

Sean-Khan and Mr. Tulip

petoah and toby

Villa Mac interiors

Scenario minis and others

Another pic of the area

Mr. Tulip & Sean-Khan

Game pic: Sean-Khan vs. Junttur

The games continue

Petoah arranged the building for us

Villa Mac from outside


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Wow, what a nice venue. A

Submitted by demetri0us (not verified) on

Wow, what a nice venue. A private art museum for a DDM tournament! Makes gencon look like a trailer park! I love art. Great prize table... but hey, get yer coffee off the piano ;)

Yes, the location was

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Yes, the location was excellent, we're very grateful for petoah for that :) I suggested that player getting Bye would play the piano, but no-one did :D last 5 minutes of alternating high notes to create tension would have created even more atmosphere!

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