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Found my Favourite dungeon (-60% off now!)

I found my favourite Dungeons! For quite a while, I've been trying to find dungeon tiles that look GOOD. (I've been spoiled by Heroic Maps' Cemetery Crypts that are the single best looking pieces of dungeons I've seen.) I've following Heroic Maps at DTRPG quite closely and don't know how this got published without me realising it, but I found it now when I realized Heroic Maps has -60% off their prices right now! So I'm happy owner of new very cool looking dungeon right now.

Great piece of Wardenhale public spaces dulled by poor lamination material :(Unfortunately I have no photos of them yet as I wanted to post this as quickly as possible as HM has a sale – I can't even find the info anymore how long the sale goes on but IIRC it was 'til 18th day (but I might remember it wrong). The photo attached is piece of Wardenhale Public Spaces, unfortunately dulled by poor laminatin poach (If you try laminating, avoid cheap Matte ones - they are milky and old ones might leave bubbles between paper & cover!)

I've been planning a post about my new map collections/system/management for quite a while but I'm still collecting material for it, so I'll continue about the topic lately.

So, for now, just a few quick hints about Heroic Maps if you want to take advantage of the sale.

First, about the Dungeons I mentioned. I had been curious about Ancient Dungeon Corridors and Rooms for some time, but even if they look EXTREMELY cool, I want to use only one Dungeon set and... well, for some reason I wanted it to be more greyish than sand-colored. Not sure why, maybe I'm just grown with it. But now, I laid my eyes on Mossy Dungeon corridors and rooms, and after a few minutes of drooling overview, I was convinced and bought them.

While it might not be as practical as my D&D basic dungeon tiles, D&D tiles look quite boring next to these. There's a huge collection of rooms and corridors, and I guess I'll just print the standard 2" wide corridors and a selection of rooms for beginning. 

I realized I've been spending way more money on Heroic maps than anything else on DTRPG. Like a promised, I'll post more on these later. For now I'll just post a few hints:

If you play Astraterra or other games taking place on floating islands, Sky Temple Ruins is a really awesome map! About outdoor terrains, I've been collecting some Hinterlands spiced with Wild places 2 and Coastal Locations.

(I use outdoor maps with a PVC map – if you live in Finland/Tampere and you're interested on 3'x4' wilderness base map please send me a Contact message, I bought a 6'x4' to be able to get a map of that size so I have another half as extra).

There's a great lot of other maps I've bought from Heroic maps - to mention a few, Wardenhale Public Spaces gives some excellent places for urban encounters, Desert city rooftops I picked mainly for potential Star Wars use (Tatooine/any rugged city/outpost!) and Halflingshire is just do damn flavourful!

BTW I've been overwhelmed by spam so sending comments is a bit unsure right now – I know there's better spam filters but I haven't had much time to look at this site lately. With kids, work and old house and you'd like to have some for actual gaming too... 


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