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Game props: Impaled man (or, WHY didn't I think of this before???)

There are times when you get a brilliant idea about a miniature you have. This happened to me a few weeks ago; I ordered some extra minis of same type and ended up having a bunch of both mean-looking death squad soldiers and excellent looking game props, impaled men.


A few years ago in a con I got Vlad the Impaler Horrorclix -miniature. It looked cool and I thought maybe I could use it in a rpg one day. Game sessions passed and there was no situation to use Vlad. An ending scene of a session, where a bad guy just impaled a man... But no. There wasn't such situations where I could have used Vlad. And even then, villain slashing around with a spear and a peasant brings Monty Python to my mind more than any serious movie.

It was a few weeks ago when I was reading Death of a Tyrant -Adventure and impaled men were described in the scenery twice. I began to think that such impaled men would make great scenery elements, but I had no idea how to do them - when my eyes saw the lot of minis I had put aside for not having use for them. And I knew what to do. I checked online stores and saw an amount of them available very cheaply. You can find a few at least from Troll & Toad and Strikezone online. If you know stores that were in cons and provided them they might still have some.

An army of Vlad the Impalers

The process

I cut the spear on the both sides of the impaled man with a surgeon's knife (pen knife). I drilled another hole to the corpse (it was in wrong angle) and pushed a piece of 1mm wire through it. I create a base from cardboard, made it a bit thicker by gluing another piece to it. I drilled through this piece too and glued the new spear into it. I glued these together and glued a few rocks to keep the spear straight. Finally, I made a new head for the spear from two pieces of thick paper/thin cardboard, glued it to the spear, painted the spear, added some blood to the spear & cut places in the corpse, painted and then drybrushed the base and voilà, the prop is ready!

The leader and soldiers needed even less work: From the leader I cut most of the spear but left a bit, where I could glue the sword I'd make from thin cardboard. After gluing I painted the sword, added a button (shield) I had bought from a button store, painted the sword & the shield and painted the mini a beard. I also painted should-pieces of his armor with gold-paint.

I made a new spear-head for the soldiers from thin cardboard and painted it. I cut cloaks away but left the hair. Finally, I cut the strings from the top of the helmet (and fixed with paint).

Vlad the Impaler -miniature becomes a soldier and an impaled man


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