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Geeky stuff in Paris and La Rochelle

I spent this Easter in France - a few days in Paris and a few in La Rochelle. I thought of writing a few words to those visiting these places and in hope of finding interesting game- related stuff.

My favorite geek spots in Paris

When you move to souther side of Seine in Paris, straight from Notre Dame, you arrive at Boulevard Saint-Germain, and near that spot you find several comic stores, full of comics and numerous amounts of little figurines. They are generally of more artistic nature than gaming miniatures, and price tag is a big higher too. Album is largest of these stores around here (or at least largest I've found) and is separated in two parts.

A few blocks straight up from there, on Rue des Ecoles you can find my favorite gaming store in Paris, Jeux Descartes. While I was on budget, I grabbed a few new wonders for 7 Wonders, an expansion pack I wasn't aware of. I also got a new deck of cards (Anne Stokes fantasy cards) to be used with Savage Worlds, and there was several others too I was curious about but as I didn't know how the cards actually looked like I didn't want to buy them blindly. 

Mille Sabors in La Rochelle

In La Rochelle I visited La Guilde de l'Alchimiste, but that was a bit of a disappointment - their stock was mainly board games which were in French. They had also Magic Singles, but as you may guess - in French.

What was more interesting place to find in La Rochelle was Mille Sabors (Blistering Barnacles, or "Tuhannen tulimaista" in Finnish), which had a large collection of models, figurines and comics. I was in a bit of hurry when I found the place, so I didn't have much time to get thorough with the store, but I took some photos instead.

There's also a smaller Mille Sabords store on the Ile de Ré, but it was small and really focused on Tintin.

But now, to the photos:

Shop's window
Mille Sabors display windows

A large collection of cool stuff...
A lot of eye candy here!

Rebel pilot girl
Rebel pilot girl and other figures. I could have used that soon if it would have been miniatures scale!


Corto maltese and other stuff

More goodness

Tintin -era cars

More figures

And last, the piece that impressed me the most - Millenium Falcon cross-section. Big, really cool!

The piece that impressed me most - Millenium falcon cross-section


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