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Great new free Sword & Sorcery -halloween adventure from GRAmel

GRAmel, which has recently become my favorite publisher, released a free Halloween -themed adventure for Beasts & Barbarians. The whole Beasts & Barbarians -series is most fascinating and this adventure is no disappointment. I read the adventure through and it's one of my two options to run next sunday, even if I usually dislike ready adventures. My other option would be continuing my Savage Cyberworld -campaign, which is starting to get pretty halloweenish.

CoverWarning - minor spoilers ahead, stop reading if you think you might end up playing this adventure!

In the adventure players belong to a mercenary company called Border Wolves, and they are assigned for a rescue mission no-one else wants to go. The mission becomes an escape in most unfriendly territory while trying to survive dark magic of a legendary Caled druid.

You can find the adventure here:


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