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Home farm model: in progress -photos (UPDATED)

home farm buildings on the table the model will be built in

Here's a few pics from the model of my home farm in Asikkala where I grew up, to be a gift for my father. Above, you can see all but one of the buildings in the model. The models I've created before and given as a gift, now I'll create the terrain around and build it inside a glass -covered table.

Smaller height curves, closing lower part of the main building inside them
Smaller height curves, closing lower part of the main building inside them.

lower/larger height curves
Lower/larger height curves being glued. These will cover the whole model area.

Various materials I've salvaged info for the model from
Various materials I've salvaged info for the model from. In addition, I've got a large amount of photos I've taken of the buildings and around the area.

Fixing distorted distances

Fixing a problem of working without good plans or maps: Center of the map become too long and had to be shortened. The map was cut from the middle and glued back together. Some parts were cut from bit different location, helping glueing back together.

The whole board together

Above you can see unpainted terrain.

Painting process, buildings on the model

Painting process on the way; Buildings are placed on the terrain to get a better picture of the whole model.

Painted terrain without any trees or buildings

Model is fully painted here.

Trees creation in process

Creating trees. I wanted to create trees very quickly; this method didn't work as well as I would have hoped, so this caused me even more work than my earlier tree creation processed had taken. In addition, I haven't painted tree trunks before, so these trees came out quite detailed.

I first sprayed the tree trunks with very thick dark brown layer, after which I dropped some rigid strings on them. After a while I sprayed some more, and then sprinkled some flock on them. But the layer of paint wasn't thick enough so the trees needed more work, which I had to do manually. This method worked quite well for smaller amount of trees created for Axis & Allies miniatures Winter War terrain, but in addition to smaller amount of trees (and relatively more spray paint) these trees get snow on them which made the technique better for them.

Creating another tree

Detailing another tree

A closer view to the modeled trees

A closer view to all 3 different tree types.


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