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I LOVE miniatures!

I'm hooked, I can confess that. Our house has required a lot of money and I've been on budget, and while I do have considerable collection of miniatures, I was very happy to receive my first miniature packet for half a year from my favourite miniatures store - if you've been reading my recent posts, you know which!

The miniatures price was about $17+shipping and it gave me 23 excellent miniatures (one duplicate not in photos). I'll be debasing and rebasing them bit by bit. While these miniatures were cheap, you can get them for even cheaper average price; I'll be posting later about how to get great basic miniature collections cheaply for different genres.
Below are the photos of these excellent new minis.

Minis for scifi

These minis will see use in various Scifi games: My current Cyberpunk campaign, Babylon 5, Galactica, whatever I'll decide to run. Some might need a touch of brush

Minis for fantasy

These are mainly for my upcoming Beasts & Barbarians -campaign. Some may be left for future fantasy campaign - or they'll just get a new hair-do and some ear-clipping.

Sorry for bad lighting, I just wanted to take a few quick photos with quick setting up. You'll get better photos later.


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