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I think I just found my source for all the prepainted miniature news

I keep collecting few minis from here and there to improve my collections, and I try to keep an eye on all the new prepainted miniatures releases. When trying to find spoilers of new heroclix Avengers set, I stumbled upon a site that had spoilers, news and set list from various prepainted miniatures lines, including Heroclix (and it's sublines like Star Trek Tactics and Lord of the Rings), Axis and Allies Angels 20 and Pathfinder miniatures.

I'll have to give applauds to Lee for making such a great miniatures new site. When I have a bit time I might even add a rss feed from his site, something I haven't done yet - I think quality of prepainted miniatures information on this site is completely worth it.

Go ahead and check out the site if you aren't yet familiar with it!

 Lee Speaking ( )



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