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Initiative tracker/PC info sheet to be used with 4E *Updated*

A little but invaluable tool I've used in my 4E games. I mark up player characters' passive perceptions and insights, plus any other important notes (that don't need to be secret) on this sheet, and when it's time to fight, initiatives are easy to mark on the left side of the sheet.

Below the tables there's a large empty space; you'll find use for it when you start calculating hp's of the enemies!

Initiative tracking sheet preview

I pass this sheet to players quite often. When it's time for combat, I ask 'Who wants some xp?' and give the sheet to the fastest player (but not twice during the session unles everyone's got the sheet once). I give the scribe a little xp and players solve their initiatives themsleves while I have a bit of extra time to set miniatures and terrains on the map.

*Edit: Fixed the link. I blame stupid buggy cms not working and ISP cutting my connection for hours when trying to fix the link.*




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