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Institute of Orivesi -model

The Institute of Orivesi (Oriveden Opisto in Finnish), also known as KVS-Institute, is one of our country's most reputated folk high schools. It is located at town of Orivesi approximately fourty kilometres to the direction of Jyväskylä from Tampere. The activity of the Institute consists of many winter-period courses, short summer-courses and currently being owned by Kansanvalistusseura also distance education. I studied arts in the institute in 94-95.

Update: This page has been updated in may 2012 with better images and some additional text. Please note that there has been some changes at the Institute area after building this model.

Näkymä Oriveden opiston edestä
Main building of the Institute - Oriveden opiston päärakennus edestä

Oriveden opiston alue yläviistosta

Panorama of the area of the Institute - Oriveden opiston alue yläviistosta

About the model - Pienoismallista

The scale of the model is 1:300 and it's dimensions are roughly 70 * 80 cm. The model is my graduation work from the model-building course in the School of Crafts and Arts of Ikaalinen (IKATA). It has consumed almost two months of my time working full days and it's expences were close to 600 $ including visits for photographing the area and excluding all work.

To create the base I have used 2cm thick board on which I have then began to glue 1mm cardboards that have been cut to follow the features of the ground. There were almost seventy cardboards glued to the highest spot of the ground. The buildings have been made mostly of cardboard and the woods of wire and moss.

E-rakennus eli pilvilinna
E - Building or Cliff Castle - now purged

Päärakennus takapihan suunnalta nähtynä
Main building by the backyard.

C - building was the most recent quarters of the Institute at the time.

New photos - uusia valokuvia

I've found these photos just recently and have added them to the page.

Oriveden Opisto

Oriveden Opisto

Oriveden Opisto

Oriveden Opisto


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