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Iron Sky - The movie you should really be waiting for this year!

There's one movie I'm waiting for this year - Iron Sky. From the makers of Star Wreck (which you can download for free - unlike SW, Iron Sky is a big budget movie), Iron Sky is the most expensive Finnish movie (no, doesn't look like anything Finnish you've seen before, it's a international film like Rare Exports, not anything like Kaurismäki's). The movie premiers in a few days in Berlin and is coming to Finnish theatres in april, and in other locations later. Be sure to inform the movie team if you're interesting in seeing the movie in their area! (They had a tool for that at the site - found it when going to see about Berlin premiere)

Iron Sky SS troopers

In the movie, some of the Nazis retreated to the dark side of the moon at the end of the war, and are now coming back. They've got space zeppelins and ufo tanks, reinforcing stories of ufo sightings wherer cigar-shaped motherships launched saucer-like ufos!

Just check the trailer below - awesome, isn't it?

Iron Sky Klaus and Renate

When creating Iron Sky, the team put up Wreck-a-movie site,and this awarded (World Summit Award) site was used to create plot and details of the movie.

And a word about Finnish films for ww2 buffs, there's a Mannerheim -film being made, or actually two - not sure about their situation, first has had some financing problems but I believe it's going forward again, the other is national tv's production.

But Iron Sky is the movie I'm expecting most - I'm sure it's going to be great!


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