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Jedi - the perfect roleplaying concept

You've most likely seen the prequel movies, perhaps also watched the Clone Wars series. While everyone doesn't like them, or even hate them, one thing can be said for sure - a character concept that is perfect for roleplaying games exists in them - Jedi. The jedi lead, fly, negotiate, investigate, fight with blazing swords defeating loads of opponents - they are HEROES. And perhaps you've already noticed that some stupid movies would work extremely well if they were roleplaying games, as players love to do stupid things even if they don't like watch someone else doing such!

Jedi! The perfect character concept for roleplaying gamesIn rare game worlds there's such a multifunctional character concept that you can assign any kind of tasks. Paladin and Blackguard come close in fantasy, but if they get too fancy, they bacome tasteless - I really hate concept of lazer paladin (or cleric).

For a Jedi, duty to keep peace, temptation of the dark side and trying to not keep things personal are interesting challenges to any jedi character that a gm can use. And jedi can specialize further, official SWRPG (D20, Saga edition) books have had various jedi classes, power lists and paths. This, races and personal features allows a great variety of different jedi in a group, for example an Ithorian healer, Twilek general, an unidentified alien master of force powers and a Mon Calamari ace. They all can probably fly, lead a mass combat, fight with a lightsaber and use various force powers, some better than others.

In future I'm going to try a Savage Worlds star wars game. I may use some of the numerous conversions, but I'm still trying to keep it simple - in a discussion at peginc forums some time ago people discussed about blasters being just guns with trappings. With this kind of simplification game can be very fluid, mainly the force needs some kind of fast and simple rules.

In savage worlds, there's rules for chases, mass combats, social conflicts and dramatic tasks - they all are something that will often be seen in a game where player characters are Jedi.

Can you think of a better character concept for a roleplaying game, especially if you want to have an action-oriented game with some non-action scenes scenes too?


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Leadership of an army in

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Leadership of an army in hands of minority religious sect makes always a good rpg setting! Usually they just aren't as good-willing sects... Leading armies allows running mass combats, so it's part I don't want to remove from Jedi.

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