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A jewel from Pathfinder miniatures for every DDM collector

While I have little need for Pathfinder miniatures after collecting a large amount of D&D miniatures, I found one diamond from the collection that every DDM collector should be aware of - Medusa. D&D monster design decisions have moved away from classic themes since the late releases of 3E line, and I haven't been happy most of these changes. What I did like is what they did to Lamia. But medusa, just like dryad, were transformed into something that wasn't so main stream.

Medusa, standing at the door of a temple

Medusa, temple from the top

As I'm not planning to create new miniatures posts for DDM collectors, I'll show another related finding in this post; Experienced Phantom lady works very well for an invisible female mage! I still need a an invisible male wizard...

An invisible sorceress!


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