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Miniatures and modelling: Quantity vs. Quality

When you are painting or creating miniatures, scratchbuilding terrain or designing papercraft gaming props, how much effort do you see? Are you going to make everything as detailed as possible, or are you fine with just something vaguely resembling you want it to resemble?

While there are some models I've paid a lot of attention to, these days I mostly prefer doing models as fast as I can, provided they still look good. The reason for this is simple: The less time I use for modelling, the more I can create. I don't want anything to look too clumsy, so I to go with the least possible amount of effort it can be made with. For example, if you take a look at my cyberpunk terrains, they are all very simple:

Street-level  scene from Savage cyberworld -game

Some of those are from the net (Banco Mundi for example, which I've edited to match the scale as well as the storehouse), other buildings and cars are my own papercraft design. Quite simple and functional. Just enough form and detail to fill the purpose.

The same goes for prepainted miniatures: If you don't have to paint miniatures, you'll have more time to create models. I tried buying metal miniatures and painting them at first, but there was no real feel of creation in that, and it was all away from creating terrains. So I'm all for prepainted minis, especially as you can get most non-rares very cheaply.

Of course, sometimes you may just want to create a piece of art, something you'll pay a lot of attention to. You will put that piece on the gaming table proudly - but when making such pieces, be sure that they are pieces that are noticed, that are (or become) focus of attention - otherwise they aren't worth the trouble.

So, think carefully how you'll use your time - most of you don't have unlimited amounts of time. Create yourself great terrains, using right amount of time for right pieces.


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