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Miniatures for Babylon 5 rpg: Narn (Customized prepainted miniatures)

While I'm still going to post more in prepainted Modern/Cyberpunk miniatures series, I thought of posting some miniatures from another project of mine. I'm going to run Babylon 5 some day, and I want miniatures for it too. For this purpose I've been collecting some prepainted minis that are easy to modify - even if I sometimes have to repainte them completely. 

Here's my Narn minis:

Prepainted Narn miniatures - first phase

Here's the first photo - the colours are better here (I overdid modifications for the next photo) but I changed two pistols into knieves after this one.

The miniatures are (all Star Wars miniatures):

Dressellian Commando

Klatooinian Enforcer

Chiss Mercenary

The miniatures were chosen mainly for their narn-like clothing or otherwise narn-like looks.

Prepainted Narn miniatures - second phase

And here's the second one; Now two of the Narns have blades instead of pistols. In addition to that, I've only added little filler paste to create right head size and then repainted the minis. 

I've got a good amount of minis waiting for me to get them photographed & posted here!


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