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Miniatures at cost as low as Reaper's Bones Kickstarter!

Edit: Ok, Reaper's deal was even better I remembered... as it rose up to have an enormous amount of participants. But I believe this is still a good deal, and road-opener for PPM kickstarter projects!

I while ago I posted about DCM's kickstarter project, allowing you to get new DDM -like prepainted miniatures, and I want to say a few more words. For non-painted miniatures fans, you might be interested in hearing that you can get to similar miniatures for money -ratio than with hugely popular Reaper's project. You can also get additional minis by referring a friend. And just look at those revealed strech goal items below... You'll have to love that Octopus/Kraken -creature, not to speak of braziers, tribal hunter, pygmy and persian figures!


DCM Kickstarter project strech goal items

DCM Kickstarter project strech goal items


Here's some calculations (I haven't found origin of the following quote yet, but you can easily check the calculations!):


Going a little off the deep end - comparing our campaign to the king of campaigns Reaper's Bones, this is how we measure up...

They opened up with 30 figures, the 36 dungeon attack pack and +1 metal sophie on motorcycle for $100. A total of 67 minis, 37 different sculpts.

We lack in the quantity of sculpts right now, but this can change.

Ignoring our limit of 8 initial sculpts, backers can get 48 pre-painted minis for $115 (assuming you go by full sets on the Jolly Roger $100 + $15 with shipping).

For that same $115 you could get 150 unpainted Ruffians, Dames, Pirates or equivalents (admittedly our lowest costing pieces). And the rewards are even customizable by the backer.

We worked very hard to bring about the best deals we could upfront. :)


Link to the project:



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