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Miniatures for Sword & Sorcery: Desert folk, more mounted warriors and more


Desert warriorsThree versions of this desert -warrior (Links: Galeshi Dervish one, two and three). The Galeshi stalker (Out of stock ATM) and LOTR -mini Haradrim warrior - unfortunately I can't tell where you can find the latter. might be worth checking out, or ebay. Upcoming Wizkids LOTR miniatures line might also include Haradrim -minis. I've removed shield & pistol from the dervishes and added the dagger.

Few repainted/customized minis

Amazons and A blacksmith in arms

Back: Stonechild, Elektra, Amazon Mancatcher

Front: Heirraman Priestess Typhoid Mary, Storm

More mounted minis

These ones I got after making my post about mounted miniatures. Mage knight has some great mounted minis too.

Mounted barbarian, noble warrior, archer & others

Most of these have experienced some repainting - a black wash and little enhancing of a few bright spots did miracles to these mounted minis.

First one on the left is Martyr on Light Warhorse (ugh, sold out now...). I cut off the Ankh the figure was holding and turned it to torch, using technique for creating fire.

Next on the back row is Heavy Cavalier (sorry, out again).

Next one is modified Dragon priest - a closer pic follows below. And the same old DDM mount under it. I think this is your best bet on getting a prepainted mounted plastic barbarian miniature with little work.

Last one on the right is Heavy Cavalier (currently out). Spear needed a bit modifying as well as elvish ears, but this one has general or noble/ old knight -like look - I like it a lot.

At least this MK mounted mini should be still available (in addition to dragon priest): Champion On Heavy WarhorseI'm sorry that many minis seem to fly off the virtual shelves so soon, there were more of those left when I ordered the minis. Hopefully there will be restocks soon or you'll find these elsewhere!

Mounted barbarian, noble warrior & others

Barbarian in process

Close-up of Dragon priest in process. I've repainted his clothes for better colours and to reveal a bit more skin, removed the staff & drilled a hole where I can place a sword created from wire and thin cardboard. One of the horns was broken so I had to make a new one - here it's still unpainted as well as the sword.

Few more Sword & Sorcery miniatures, including some excellent ones

Barbarians, Lloban lord, Amazons and more

Prieskan Barbarian (excellent basic barbarian even if a little small), Scarlet witch (which I'm thinking of repainting - perhaps to have bikini), ValkyrieNu'bia (on front - one of my new favourites), Gorgon (behind Nu'bia, for an oriental noble etc.) and Fathom.


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