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Miniatures for Sword & Sorcery: Intro

I've collected minis from various product lines for Sword & Sorcery roleplaying campaign for some time now. Recent discussion at Savage Worlds forums about what minis should be used for Beasts & Barbarians game gave me an idea  perhaps I should document my collections and help others to find miniatures for their Sword & Sorcery games. If you are looking for unpainted metal minis for Sword & Sorcery, Piotr posted a nice selection of those.

Note that this series of posts is almost exclusively about prepainted plastic minis, some as they are, some little or a lot painted and perhaps otherwise modified. I really don't like metal minis and am not too fond of painting minis either, which is why I've decided to go for prepainted ones. 

It seems to take quite amount of time to gather info on all the minis (and I don't seem to be able to find all of them!) so I won't post very many minis in each post. The minis I'm using are 30mm miniatures, which I'm presenting you here. But before that, a few words about a different option.

I've bought most of my minis from Troll & Toad (where I've also linked minis) but I've also made some nice finds from StrikeZone.

An option: Arcane legions

First I'll have to say that mostly because it's roman legion, I'd love to use Arcane Legions miniatures I have. But I don't have gauls (for generic barbarians), there's no african tribal warriors and no notable heroic pc types in the game - it was designed solely for the miniatures game purposes. Sadly, it seems that it isn't get another set. The concept of the game was interesting, it offered large fixed starters that gave you 120 unpainted miniatures (I think there's more expensive painted ones too) and then boosters with randomized minis. It's unfortunate that these are totally different scale from DDM & others.

The minis won't work as they are for roleplaying purposes - they are meant to be plugged into trays using one or more pegs, which prevents the minis from standing straight. So, you need to create some kind of additional bases for the minis you want to use for rpg purposes.

The minis collection is quite cool even if incomplete:

I'll try to post more of these minis later, in roleplaying concept. And if you're using AL minis in your sword & sorcery game, I'd LOVE to see them in action so please post a link!

You'll find a post about Arcane Legions in S&S rpg use here.

30mm scale minis

Here we go; Minis with a base larger than 1" have been separated from base and glued on a painted 1mm cardboard disc. I'm not too precise with such details. Under each photo you'll see info on the minis on the picture.

Clix for Sword & Sorcery

From left to right, top to bottom:

Yukio (There's something in this mini I really like)

Mantis #067 Rookie Marvel Heroclix Supernova

Lorelei #008 Experienced Marvel Heroclix Armor Wars

Galeshi Knife Dancer #080 Mage Knight Uprising (Edit: Shagratha #119 Mage Knight Uprising is more expensive but is currently available unlike GKD)

Star Wars & Dreamblade for Sword & Sorcery

Dreamblade: Treacherous Concubine

A little note Dreamblades - they are a bit too big compared to others, and pain to separate from base.

Marasiah Fel (Fully repainted and modified), Imperial DignitaryImperial Inquisitor 


More fantasy clix

Top, from left: 

Gypsy Seer, Oracle of Rokos, Noble Initiate, Enchantress


Blood Priestess 


Jinx, Mandarin

Next time, excellent DDM choises for Sword & Sorcery games.


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