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Miniatures for Sword & Sorcery: Part 2 - DDM Picks & about buying singles

This is the second post in series showing miniatures suitable for a Sword & Sorcery roleplaying game. This time, you'll see some great picks from D&D miniatures for a Sword & Sorcery game.

Note that fixed minis may have different name somewhere - they often have one name for miniature and a different one for the miniature game (Roving swordmage might be called Male human swordmage) 

There are a few sets having fixed miniatures: There are 2 sets of Players handbook heroes which are fixed, plus randomized boosters from 4 sets had one visible large or huge miniature. These were generally quite good quality and most can be achieved with reasonable prices. Read more about miniature sets.

I'm not listing sets here but rarities give you an idea how much they may cost - some rares may be $3 while others may be $30 or more. Uncommons are generally from $1 to $4 and commons $.50 to $3, some places may sell them for cheaper

D&D minis for Sword & Sorcery: Priests & cultists

Top row: Snaketongue Cultist (Common), High inquisitor (Uncommon, great for Solomon Kane), Blood of Vol fanatic (Uncommon - a great crazy cultist)
Middle: Deathpriest of orcus (Uncommon - a classic!), Rashemi Witch (Fixed), Blood of Vol Cultist (Common - perhaps the greatest -looking DDM common!)
Front: Cleric of Order (Uncommon from the first set, maybe still available somewhere as a single - very prohet-like miniature)

D&D minis for Sword & Sorcery: Nobles and sorcerers

Top row: Roving swordmage (Fixed), Ialdabode (Uncommon),  Wizard tactican (Uncommon/promo), Crow shaman (rare).

Middle row: Elf swashbuckler (Uncommon - small but otherwise can pass as a human), Village priest (Uncommon), Healer (Uncommon),Male human druid (Fixed)

Front row: Elminster (Rare, may be expensive. Very majestic figure is a perfect fit for a noble or even a ruler), Mercenary general (Rare - quite noble-like too) 

These photos were taken at a same time than the ones in the earlier post. Sorry for a bit blurred images; I'm trying to pay more attention to sharpness next time. I'm also trying to take the photos from lower level rather than from high bird perspective. I hope that the photos so far have been enough for you to see if you like the mini or not.

Places to order singles from

These are places from which I have personal experience, except for Miniature market which has otherwise been so often talked about I decided to add it.

Troll and toad (you can find Mage knights here)
Miniature market
Ccg armory

And of course you can check what  you can find from ebay, and remember - Google is your friend! Just search for 'Mage knight singles', with name of the mini etc. You can also check game forums for those that want to sell or trade their minis.


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