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Miniatures for Sword & Sorcery: Part 4 - Various heroic/villainy types & black tribal people

More photos and links to miniatures I've bought for Sword & Sorcery rpg purposes. This time I'll give you many prepainted heroic/villainy types, black tribal and civilized people, scantily clad bikini heroines, all carefully picked from Mage Knight, Horror clix, heroclix, DDM and Dreamblade.

Unfortunately photos aren't best possible this time either, first I took photos with macro and some of them weren't focused, then I tried to take photos further away with zoom without proper bracing and they became easily a bit blurry. The photos should give you a picture of the mini in question so you'll know if you're interested in it or not.

Some of the minis may be sold out, some may have alternative versions available (search the site with the name) or you may find them from other sites selling singles. You should also browse the set the mini is in if it has the same mini with a different name available.

Various clix

On left, top to bottom: 
Damian Wayne #020 Brave and the Bold Heroclix

Large woman with spear.
Amazon #056 HorrorClix Nightmares

Next row from top to bottom.
Valkyrie #012 Heroclix Hammer of Thor
Amazon Scout #018 Mage Knight 2.0
Prieskan Warrior #006 Mage Knight Dark Riders (Dark Riders Singles)

(I don't know why the last one was backwards in the photo - you can see him better in the picture below)

Nightblade #030 Mage Knight Unlimited (this one's out of stock currently but you can search for different version - most clix/MK have 3 different versions, plus some more unique one looking same)
Magdalena #028 Rookie Indy Heroclix. She's got a pistol but it's fine for later era games or easy to change to a pistol crossbow or some other item.

Black people of southern regions (Improved version)

Top row, from left to right:

Savannah Dreamhunter #17 Dreamblade Base Set (Dreamblade Set 1 Singles)
Xandressan Captain #062 Mage Knight Minions
Voodoo Baron #023 HorrorClix Nightmares(Horrorclix Nightmares Singles): Removed the doll & some other excess material from this mini and painted a bit. Planned to create a shield for it but haven't done yet.
Amazon of Bana-Mighdall #012 Brave and the Bold Heroclix
Akiza Guardian #02 Dreamblade Chrysotic Plague(Dreamblade Chrysotic Plague Singles)

Middle row - some DDM

Cloudreaver #44 War of the Dragon Queen D&D Miniatures DDM (War of the Dragon Queen Singles)
Captain of the Watch #41 Against the Giants D&D Miniatures DDM (Against the Giants Singles (D&D Miniatures Game))
Xeph Warrior #30 Angelfire D&D Miniatures DDM(Angelfire Singles (D&D Miniatures Game))

Bottom row

Xandressan Sailor #001 Mage Knight Minions
Xandressan Diver #001 Mage Knight Uprising

Note about dreamblade: These minis are a bit larger than most prepainted minis. If using for southern tribes in Beasts & Barbarians, these men are described very tool so these minis work well there.

You might also want to check out this one from the same Xandressan series (I don't have one):
Xandressan Boarder #091 Mage Knight Minions


A picture for scale comparison

A scale image, some DDM and Clix - there are more difference between DDM than DDM and MK. Sorry for the blurred pic quality, I tried to zoom from further away to get better comparison view of sizes.

The spear thrower is the second view to Prieskan Warrior I mentioned before.

Minis are presented elsewhere (or will be).


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One more mini I forgot to

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

One more mini I forgot to mention that belongs here is Ember; A dark-skinned female staff-fighter or monk may well have had some inpsiration from Grace Jones's character in the original Conan movie.

I'd love to know what the

Submitted by Chris H (not verified) on

I'd love to know what the mini in the bottom image is, back row, far left. Ginger bearded man with the wolfskin cape.

Chris, that's Male Human

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Chris, that's Male Human Barbarian from D&D miniatures player's handbook heroes Series 1, Primal Heroes 1 Box Set. The box has also Goliath barbarian, which is quite human-like - I'm considering painting my own to be a large human, although I might need a Goliath some day soon.

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