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Miniatures for Sword & Sorcery: Part 5 - More DDM, plus a few Heroscape

Another post in the series helping you to find prepainted miniatures for your Sword & Sorcery rpg - this time mostly D&D miniatures, but also some heroscape. I've decided to use Troll and Toad as the site to link the miniatures to as they have a good selection of product lines for sale and get refills from time to time. I'm using mostly cheap miniatures, although there are some more expensive ones, which I'll try to mention. 

Some DDM I use currently in my campaign
These ones are in active rpg use currently. While they generally fit more in traditional fantasy than in S&S, they have their place there too.

The leftmost one is Human wanderer. Quite classic figure from the first set Harbinger, and my most used as a PC miniature. A bit more traditional fantasy than S&S. A newer alternative to human wanderer is Human marauder.

Next ones, from aft to front: Half orc fighter is an impressive fighter miniature. Ugly men are common in S&S, so it works even if it's supposed to be a half-orc. Elf Pyromancer (Rare) may be a bit costly, but it may work as a (bit too) fine merchant, noble etc. Halfling enchanter in the front row is currently the miniature for a young, small oriental wizard -girl - a human.

The next one is Eltahale, a Heroscape miniature. While she's a Goliath, it may work as a large woman with body painting or it's face and hands can be painted. The two similar figures are Changeling rogues that have been repainted. Excellent for a bit more modern era games. And finally, in right front, halfling rogue is great for a thief kid, or just about any kid who wants to adventure. Any halflings are worth checking out if you're looking for a child-miniature.



Ah, soldiers. You're going to want many basic soldiers. Top row, from left to right: City guard from Giants of legend may have it's cost increased today but I really like it, even if he's leaning at his spear to take a nap... it isn't really obvious at a glance.

Karsite fighter is quite mean-looking guy, works both for elite fighter force or a villain. Human town guard is a more recent version of city guard, and Sharn Redcloak (which unfortunately is sold out at the moment from T&T) is a great-looking archer. 

Next row: Caravan Guard is a good generic soldier or guard. Emerald claw soldier is a great -looking mini, one of the few (and only common?) with Flail! Human crossbowman is another great mini, although crossbows aren't going to be common in my upcoming Sword & Sorcery game. 

And in the front you can find Fallen villager.

More soldiers & some dungeon dressing

Going through miniatures in this photo from left to right:

Regdar is a good -looking fighter with a bit improvised -looking equipment. If you want a heavily armored knight on foot, Purple Dragon Knight (Rare) is probably the best choice you can make. It's one of the most popular rpg minis I have. While heavy armor isn't much used in S&S, there are some, especially mounted knights. And the next mini is Animated Statue, a great cheap statue; if you have knack for repainting, it has other uses too.

On the background is Brass Golem, which works excellently as a statue.

Might Blademaster (Cheapish rare) is a good-looking armored female fighter, with the same flavor with Human fighter (see below). Hero of Valhalla is another armored but brute -looking warrior, that works well as a viking. Human fighter is a great miniature, especially in a setting where iron is not the most used metal like in Beasts & Barbarians.

Again, one bronze-armor miniature not shown here is Greyhawk City militia sergeant

Barbarinas from Dungeons & Dragons miniatures & Heroscape

On the background you can see Master of the hunt that works excellently as a large character with some gladiatorish theme. A great loincloth hero with shield and a spear! It's supposed to be some kind of fey but how could you tell?

Human sellsword is a great-looking soldier in leather. Unfortunately sold out at T&T (and possibly many other places too) at the moment, but if you can find the latest D&DM starters for cheap you'll get one in it, plus a large green dragon and few other minis. And maps! Mina, Dark Cleric has some look of authority in her. Lurking behind rogue-like Slayer of Domiel is impressive Warduke that is a fearsome villain's right hand or a gladiator. Three last ones are rares.

Autumn wind ranger (Rare) is a great-looking female archer and Everfrost ranger looks scruffy enough to be part of any serious group of thugs, mercenaries or other groups that mean business. Finally, Frenzied Berserker (Rare or fixed) is a bit smallish female barbarian with dynamic pose (in the air).

Thieves, rogues & other

Cloaktrick rogue (Cheapish rare), Defiant Rake, Sharn cutthroat (A very popular rpg mini again), Artemis Entreri (Out of stock atm AND expensive!), Torturer and Dark Moon monk.


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