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Miniatures for Sword & Sorcery: Part 7 - Cavalry, mounted miniatures

Chases on horsebacks, cavalry charges and extremely cool miniatures. Mounted miniatures are made for Sword & Sorcery, much more than for Dungeons & Dragons! Here I'll present you various mounted/cavalry miniatures you can use for your S&S games. While many of them are DDM, there are also some excellent Mage Knights among them and a view to the Lord of the Rings miniatures.

Mounted miniatures and DDM

I love mounted miniatures. Before we started getting them in DDM, they were on my wish-list for ages. When we got uncommon ones, the miniatures line was already doomed. But Mounted minis didn't fit too well to D&D; In 3E, mounted minis were fine for a while, but at some point they lost their importance. In 4E they have been made very rigid, and I've never seen a player wanting to use a mount for combat. Now I'm about to start a Savage Worlds Sword & Sorcery campaign and I love the idea that the mounts are and will always be an important part of the game!

Now, to the minis. Below you see a collection of mounted miniatures, some more and some less suitable for S&S: 

Cavalry miniatures for roleplaying use

From left to right: Valenar nomad charger, Mounted Paladin (A bit expensive and not very S&S), Zhent cavalry (also a bit heavy armor for S&S but affordable), Blackguard on nightmare (needs little repainting to make it look a normal horse, dust clouds at feet will work well for this), Valiant cavalry and Human outrider (on the background). The last 3 on the right are Mage Knight miniatures based on D&D miniature Warhorse: Flame priestess, Dragon priest and Khamsin surgeon. DDM horses just look better than MK -ones.

There's something more about mounted minis at the end of the post - about LOTR miniatures line that has limited use with these.


Lord of the Rings miniatures

These miniatures aren't too well available anymore - I got a bunch of mounted minis & Nazgul by trading older DDM rares some time ago. I believe there are still some minis available for trade & sale. But, be aware - these minis are larger scale than DDM and clixes. If you want a miniature for a pc or villain that's 7 feet long these may be right choice for you, I'm afraid otherwise they aren't.

The miniatures are high quality, and they have a great likeness with the movie characters, which may disturb some. I really like the minis, too bad they aren't smaller. The Nazgul are also very cool. It's even more unfortunate that the Nazgul and Gandalf look even larger than the others.

LOTR cavalry miniatures

The picture below shows the huge size difference between LOTR elven and DDM human archers:

Lord of the Rings miniatures compared to DDM and mage knight

But, you can see the Haradrim warrior in the middle of above photo; While it's higher than most minis, as a lone important opponent it works well. Taken out of it's original context, you get a great villain for a desert -themed game! Most people won't recognize it's origin (especially if rebased) and you benefit great costume design made for Lord of the Rings -movies!

Rebasing Gamling to lower it a bit and make it look closer to DDM scale:

Gamlling compared to Clix & DDM

I just got a few more mounted Mage Knight minis that I couldn't prepare for this post, so I'll post a little more material about mounted Sword & Sorcery minis later. 


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