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Miniatures for Sword & Sorcery: Part 9 - few more barbarians and other excellent finds

As my Sword & Sorcery miniature collection grows, both the available selection goes down and my treshold for choosing miniatures goes up. In my last two orders, I've got several miniatures that are great additions to my selection of S&S minis. 

A BIG barbarian!

First, a miniature that has a name that doesn't make you look it again if you're looking for a barbarian miniature -Troll berserker. It works very well as an intimidating villain or villain's right hand.

Monk, eunuch and a thief or noble

I wanted to find a good miniature for an eunuch overseer in my upcoming Beasts & Barbarians campaign, and saw that  Scalesworn Thrall (in the middle) works very well for this purpose. Tribal Follower

Bikini heroine, snake charmer and a barbarian

 Shanna is a perfect bikini heroine, but I didn't like the miniature's plain yellow hair so I painted it.

Snake Charmer

On right the is Doc Samson who makes an excellent barbarian! I wanted to give him a maul as too many barbarians seem to be using such.

Snake carrier, witch and a paper hawk miniature

Princess python and Scarlet Witch are both great for great S&S minis - especially after little repainting. Painting from spandex to bikinis makes a huge change in flavor, and the two superhero -like characters now become a snake priestess and a fickle S&S noble. In the middle you can see a paper hawk miniature.

Aragorn and Boromir

And finally - two miniatures from Heroclix Lord of the Rings miniatures. While knowing who they are may disturb many, I don't think Aragorn and Boromir have that big resemblance to the movie characters. Besides, Sean Bean's role in Game of Thrones will give a lot popularity for this miniature, as the both characters have a bit similar feel! 

And what comes to aragorn, his long coat feels less like a medieval suit, making it suitable for later era games like Solomon Kane


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Veery cool! The big guy in

Submitted by Umberto Pignatelli (not verified) on

Veery cool! The big guy in the first pic gives me the idea for a NPC! Thanks!

Yes, that mini is quite

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Yes, that mini is quite intimidating and makes a formidable villain :D

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