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Miniatures for Sword & Sorcery: Part 8 - commoners and monks

Commoners (or non-combatants) are miniatures that have a lot of use in rpg's. A combat becomes a lot more interesting when the villains are among civilians, the heroes need to organize defense of a village full of peasants or the heroes will anger the townsfolk when they are surrounded by hundreds of them.

Following photos will give you some commoners and information about them can be found below; You'll find also monks from the page.

Commoners and slaves for rpg purposes

From left to right: Tavern BrawlerStrahd Zombie (After little skin color change she's an excellent poor peasant woman), Farmer behind Inbreeder (Currently out at T&T, Available at Strikezone), Harley Quinn behind Human CommonerPrisoner.
Harlequin's the only lady here, but please check Post 1 of the series to see a females that work well for commoners too - as well as more non-combatant males. Cleric of Sune works also excellently for a female noble. 
Another thing I'm asking you to do is to browse around various stores and keep your eyes open; Villagers in the following picture are from a packet I found from a small store in the outskirts of Venice during our honeymoon:
Villagers at the market
I have a bunch of commoners for sale if you're interested - I don't need all I got from that bag.


Everyone might not agree about monks being part of Sword & Sorcery, but as I've chosen Beasts & Barbarians as my setting and monks belong to that setting, I feel obliged to add monks to this article.

Earth ShugenjaScarlet Brotherhood Monk, Young master, Whirling steel monk, Drunken master.There are others too but I think these are the most fitting ones. Ember, Sun soul initiate and Lion Falcon Monk are additional DDM examples. You'll find more monk-like miniatures from Mage Knight, I'll post pictures of some of them later when I start my posts about prepainted miniatures turned to Babylon 5 miniatures - wait for the Minbari!



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Those market stalls are

Those market stalls are awesome. Toy stores and dollar stores also have great bits for use on the table.

I'm really enjoying these miniatures posts. Thanks!

Thanks! And good to know

Submitted by Shaper and Maker on

Thanks! And good to know about those little bits in stores, I haven't seen that little stuff here in Finland. Sewing/button do have some suitable things though.

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